"Medics" by Richard Falco is the kind of classic photojournalism which is not being practiced enough today. His images are direct and tough, yet composed with a sensitive eye.

Arnold Drapkin - Time Magazine

When I opened Mr. Falco's book, I thought immediately of that line from Hamlet: "Look here, upon this picture, and on this." This, in his photographs is life. And there is much to be seen in them.

Bill Moyers - PBS

Richard Falco's book on the Harlem medics is an ode to the "unknown soldiers" of urban life. It took the dedication of a photographer like Falco to give substance to their daily routine in saving lives. His photographs of the asphalt jungle gain the pathos of life that lifts us to a heightened level of human dignity and understanding.

Cornell Capa - Director of the International Center of Photography

Rick Falco's photographs of the paramedic teams have an importance that is undeniable. Falco's dedication in chronicling the heroism of the medics is in the best tradition of concerned photojournalism and the results are worth several very hard looks.

Erla Zwingle - American Photographer Magazine

Richard Falco's photographs depicting the humane and often heroic work of paramedics in bringing hope to some of the victims of neglect in Harlem are poignant, heartwarming, and in many ways disturbing. In photographing the activities of the paramedics, Falco has provided us with the opportunity to observe a deeper dimension of the pathology, the hopelessness, the despair, and the tenuous hope characteristic of neglected black ghettos. As one who has studied the problems and pathologies of American racial ghettos, I admire the clear compassion of the paramedics and the unquestioned sensitivity of Falco. A social and economic system which boasts of it superiority must eventually demonstrate this by making available the necessary resources to remedy the consequences of neglect. The fact that there are some sensitive human beings, such as Falco and the paramedics, provide us with the basis of some hope. (But) it is not enough that trained paramedics minister to the survival needs of a few patients. We must all seek to understand and remedy the lessons presented by this book of Falco's photographs if we are to justify our claim of being a part of the civilized society.

Kenneth B. Clark, Ph.D. - from his introduction to Richard Falco's Medics



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